Iyanya Back With “For Your Love” EP

If you once thought that the “oldies” in the entertainment industry will fold their hands and watch the “youngsters” curry all the accolades and awards to themselves, you are joking.

This is because the “oldies” in the industry are still in the game just on a not-too-fast pace.

Next to prove his worth in the industry is Iyanya as he releases ” For your Love” EP.

Obviously, the thought that Iyanya is off the list of the “musicals” is turned a lie with the R&B, Dancehall, Alternative Pop, Afro-pop, and Afrobeat songs in the EP.

Interestingly, to accentuate his “I’m back” standing, the Nigerian artiste went lone in all the songs of the EP, that is, he didn’t feature anybody.

Produced by TBA, the 4 track EP is 13 minutes all together with Over you as the first song on it.

Hmmmm! Fab!

This being the first of its kind for Iyanya in 2020, could we say its worth all the attention?

Will “For your Love” earn the Nigerian artiste “Applaudise”?

Shuffle him back up in the industry?

Here is the link, listen on Audio mack.


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Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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