You All Are Retarded – Brymo Blasts Industry Media And Influencers

If you are looking for a blunt frigging “I don’t care” figure in the Music Industry, just goggle Brymo, you will see that nobody has been as wild as him lately.

After barely coming out with his thoughts about sexuality in relationships, saying folks in a ships should “gbensh” regularly for their head to be correct in the relationship.

Brymo is here again, blatantly calling his critics who think he is underrated, retarded.

Putting a psuedo-name to the critics, the Nigerian Singer blasts influencers and the media, saying they are all intallectually bankrupt for thinking he is of no much-value in the industry.

Confirming that he is not underrated but at the top of his game, the “Banu so” crooner emphasized to the notice of any “modafucker” that he is a lone artiste who is doing well without being a signee of any record label.


This is serious.

But who is really thinking Brymo is nothing to write home about, underrated?

Is it because his songs doesn’t follow the “shepeteri” genre which wins it for many music enthusiasts in this part of the overall industry.

Or is Brymo pulling a “don’t forget me” string on us again with this post?

After all, musically it’s like we’ve not heard from him lately.

Oh! Is that why he thinks everybody is now Mad?

Na WA o!!

Well, it’s clear, the prolific singer is not doing this out of nothingness, he is calling critics retarded because he needs to defend his meaningful works in an industry where the “meaningless” thrive.

Defying his not-too-showy personality on Social media, he further addressed the unseen question thrown to him about him doing so much in the industry with little.


Is it true that he is doing so much?


Well, to shock his critics while giving a clue that we should expect more from him, he noted that the industry has not seen anything yet.

Following that, he revealed that someone is secretly trying to doctor Wikipedia data by adding that he is a signee of a any record label.

Not stopping there, he, in the presence of the all world, “louds”it that he is an independent artiste and that nobody should fall for the claim that he is signed to any label.

See tweet:


Independent or not independent, do you really think Brymo has been worth the attention he is craving lately?

Musically, is he underrated or not?

Thinking if you will join the “retarded” as said by Brymo.


Not to worry, you are entitled to your opinion.

Type in your thoughts here in the comment section.

Brymo underrated or not underrated?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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