Donjazzy Bucket List: Taxi Driver after Court House visit

You this entertainment industry ehn, its full of funny but serious “thingys” as artistes do all to keep you off the hassles of the day, to them, they must do “something” to keep identifying themselves with you all.

Next on 2020 revelation is Donjazzy revealing that he will work as a “Kabukabu” driver following his witnessing a court hearing today, 20th february 2020.

According to the Mavin Record boss, visiting a courthouse has always been one of his cravings, and now that he has witnessed all that is happening in court, he is tickng it off on his bucket list.

Having ticked the court thingy off, next for Donjazzy is to work as a taxi driver for one week.

Hehehehehe, imagine?

Kabukabu driver, Donjazzy?

Well, in this industry, the impossible happens.

The music executive who has always been a factor for laughter to his fans, noted that his courtroom experience was a dream come true as he was well recieved by people who witnessed his presence.

Reeling out what should be expected next on his taxi driving escapade, he urged his fans alike to be on the lookout, calling on cab hailing brands to contact him pronto.

This industry and drama.


Well everyman with his own wish, want and desire in life.

Number two on Donjazz’s is drive taxi for one complete week.

Now you know.

On to the next!

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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