Davido’s Baby Mama, Sophie, Talks Parent After Amanda Contemplates Running Away With Daughter

While one is contemplating running away with Davido’s duaghther, another is graciously teaching the dictates of parenthood and what is expected of young ladies towards their parents to have the best of their lives.

Contemplating to run away with daughter was Amanda and advice to African women was Sophie.

Obviously, Davido already has a cushion in Sophie to rest his head following the drama-post of Amanda his Atlanta baby mama as Sophie who is also a baby mama of his, has taken to social media to preach good parenting and how to be a good duaghters for young ladies.


Isn’t this a subtle sermon against the “I wish i could run away with my daughter one day” from Amanda?

Well, the dots are gradually being connected.

Taking to her instagram page to caution young mother like her from projecting their fears and insecurities in their children, Sophie Momodu noted that she dished out the advise because of the messages she has been getting from ladies and young mothers.

Hmmmmm, Sophie the parenthood counsellor!

Anyway, in her message she underscored the essentiality of self love as it is expected each day to stay affloat in this erratic time of ours.

Speaking on culture and tradition, Davido’s Sophie urged women to avoid self-imprisonment or any sort of imprisonment at all, as to be tradition-ed is to be free in exuding their uniqueness as African women.

To the young ladies, she called on them to respect their parents, mothers especially, and that they should be mindful of the words they utter so as not to shortchange themselves now and in the future.

Is that all! NO!

The single mother of one, Sophie, Specifically motivated baby Mama’s like her to desist from projecting their worries unto their daughters no matter the realities of things in every sphere of their lives.

She punched a full-stop on her counselling by warning women in general against putting their happiness in the hands of others who obviously will care less about them.

Without mentioning that her motivating advice to African women and ladies has generated positive response from people on social media, Wait o, let me ask.

Can you percieve what i’m percieving?

Thinking about this.

Does this not seem like an indirect message to her mate, Amanda, in the Adeleke’s dynasty?

Why punching keys about parenting and all these just few hours after the ranting of Amanda?

Could we conclude that Amanda was refering to Sophie after all vice versa?

These breeds more question, abi how una see am?

What do you think?

Expectantly, the reaction will trickle up abi down to davido soon.

wait for it.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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