It’s Loss Number 2 for Burna Boy As he Loses BRIT Award

Indeed, life is full of surprises, negative, positive, life is just a bunch of freaking surprise monger.

Adding to that, life is a freaking ass kicker, an unfair fairer that it pushes hardworking heads into a sour creamed cake.

No matter what, Life always want to prove that it is a pot of beans, life happens to anybody, I mean anybody.

To accentuate this, Life used BRIT AWARDS.

Life happened to our very own “African giant” again!

Burna boy has lost the Brit Award to Tyler The Creator.

Sad yea?!

This is following the recent Grammy Award loss of the artiste to Angelique Kidjo which prolly must have contributed to the said “unpepped” Burna boy as seen on social media.

The Nigerian star who was announced by Dave to have been nominated for the Best Male International, BRIT Award, lost the category to Tyler, another Grammy-won singer.

You see life?

Village people!

The American born rapper, Tyler The creator, took home the gong having Bruce Springsteen, Dermot Kennedy, Post Malone and Burna Boy on the list of artiste for the category.

The 2020 BRIT Award, 40th edition, which is the British version of Grammy had Santan Dave, Lewis Capaldi, Stomzy and the Grammy Award winner, Billie Ellish on the list of winners.

Away from the thought of loss, the African Giants in his typical stage dexterity proved that he is worthy of his nomination via his electric performance of his song, “Anybody”.

Since the entry of 2020, Burna Boy has only recorded loss upon loss of awards in spite of the grounds broken by his singles and album.

Well, our hope is still glimmered that the African giants will have his name against a global award in no time.

For now, we applaud the musical effort of Burna boy to hold on nevertheless the losses.

BRIT loss is a Win for us, at least, he was nominated.

Or what do you think?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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