Is Dbanj’s Wife Pregnant Again? is the question As He Preaches The Power Of Restoration On Twitter

You see this quest for relevance is really not just pushing figures in the entertainment industry to get into some unneccessary drama’s, for some, it is also an avenue for revelation, as shown by Nigerian singer, Oladapo Oyebanjo popularly known as Dbanj.

Revealing the preacher side of himself, Dbanj has taken to his twitter handle to sermonize about the restoration power of God.

To inspire his fans and critics who think his days in the industry is gone, the nigerian singer asserted that God will not take away anything from anybody without replacing it with something better.


This is deep!

What exactly has the Artiste lost that has been replaced miraculously right now?

His son which he lost in 2018? Or what?

Or is he only trying to give greens about the joy he enjoys from father-ing his child after the loss of his son?

What exactly?

Well! Whatever we say right now will only sound fictional as the artiste didnt reveal what he lost and what the lost is replaced with.

The only fact here is that Dbanj must be enjoying a good life owing totally to the bliss only God can give.

Nevertheless the immense support the Artiste and his family has been recieving since the death of his son, Daniel in a pool accident in 2018, Dbanj obviously is enjoying the greatest of support from God.

Because, first, is the immediate taking-in of his wife after Daniel left and maybe, maybe another is in already.

Dbanj maybe have scored another goal, to become father of two.

Is that not a great resoration?

I thought as much.

While Dbanj keeps showing us his Godly side, even if it has been revealed to be a prayer warrior by one of his signees, Chikycheezy, send a word of encourage to him in the comment section.

At least if songs no show again, powerful revelation and sermon will serve his fans, right?


Say him a word.

For us, we say preach on Dbanj.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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