A “Star Generation” Ends, As Nikita Pearl Waligwe Dies Of Brain Tumor

Teen star Nikita Pearl Waligwa died on Saturday, February 15 , 2020 of complications resulting from a brain

The entire entertainment industry has been thrown into deep gloom as another shocking death is recorded following the death of the High life legend, Victor Olaiya recently.

Who died?

Nikita Pearl Waligwe.

It was the end of a “star generation” as “Queen of Katwe” star, Nikita Pearl Waligwe dies at 15.

Reports has it that the young star died of a brain tumor in TMR international hospital in Kampala having been diagonised of the tumor in 2019.

However, prior to the discovery of the tumor last year, Nikita Pearl Waligwe had been diagonised of same brain tumor in 2016 which led to the director of the movie “Queem of Katwe”, Mira Nair championing a fund-raising for her medical treatment in India.

Having been flown to India for treatment, she was operated on successfully and was declared Brain tumor-free in 2017, on returning back to her homeland, she went back to school and her normal life.

2018 down to last year, against the thought that the young star is forever free from the deadly tumor, she was diagonised of the tumor again in 2019, which finally led to her death on Saturday, 15th of february 2020.

Nikita Pearl Waligwe who starred as Gloria in the 2016 movie, Queen of Katwe, which was based on the true story of Phiona Mutesi, a chess prodigy from a Ugandan slum, was first announced dead by her school on twitter.

To splash dust unto dust, she will be buried today, Monday 17th of february 2020 as her funeral was held yesterday 16th of Febrauray.

Inking her on the sand of social media, her fellow stars in Queen of Katwe have taken to their various handles to pay tribute to Waligwe who was seen as the rule of Chess explainer in the movie.

Her Chess teacher in the movie, David Oyelowo who trained her to explain the rule of chess to her friend and protagonist of the movie, Phiona, extolled the dead star on instagram calling her a light.

He wrote:

Popular Model and Actress, Lupita Nyong’o,  who played Waligwe’s mother in the movie expressed her sadness over the end of a star generation.

She said:

Other stars also poured their hearts out, wishing “Gloria” a perfect rest in eternity.


Records have been penned down in the entertainment industry but this is in every way a sad one, very sad one.

Apperrantly this is one loss history will forever bring to us to earn to itself a tear of pain and the recall that indeed, Brain Tumor and other diseases are deadly, so we should always pray for our stars who inspite of their life-challenges, toils to put smile on our faces through their various arts.

Pray for yourself.

Pray for your family, friends.

Prays for the entertainment industry.

A minute from busy-ness, take on the comment section to type a word for Nikita Pearl Waligwe.

Afrobeats360 wishes the family of Waligwe a bold and strong heart to withstand this hit from death.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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