“Come for 3 Days Music Tutorial Retarded Fat Head” Solidstar Tells Nigerian Singer, Jaywon

As we have witnessed, It’s crystal clear that 2020 came in with a pull on every artiste to want to “show” themselves with releases ranging from singles, albums, collaboration, rants, lashes and more, just to be “remembered” or stay relevant in the industry.

Who has 2020 pulled this time to release “something”?

It’s the oldie “Solidstar” who took to his instagram page to pull a “remember” me string on fans alike, using his own fellow artistes as a cushion.

Solidstar “washed” Nigerian Singer, Jaywon saying nobody will ever be impressed with his sound again.

As to drag him in a mud of shame, the artiste advised Jaywon to come for 3 days tutorial with him, saying he has nothing to offer the industry and his fans anymore.

See his post below

Solidstar to Jawon.


What a universal derision!

If I may ask, what is he trying to achieve throwing shits at his fellow artiste?

Isn’t this a case of “he who stays in a glass house should not throw stones”?

Isn’t this a case of kettle calling pot black?

Well, as usual this erupted a lot of reactions on social media, in what seem like a call out, Nigerians gave Solidstar a piece of his shit.

Because, with emphasis, has he been better than Jaywon over the years?

Who really needs a music tutorial right now to stay relevant in the industry.

Solidstar or Jaywon?

I know you have something to say about all these.

You have the comment section, shoot!

As for this drama, there is more.

Wait for it.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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