Falz, Charley Boy And Segun Arinze Hauls Down Fake Pastors In “God Of Men- Fake Pastors” Video

You know what they say that every man is his own pastor in his own church, Falz and Charley boy has proven that they are indeed incharge of the “mic” as they haul down pastors in new video for “God of Men- Fake pastors.

With a message-filled cinematographic display of the lyrics, the song is somewhat being put on a par with Fela Anikulapos “Amen” which lyrically depicts the awful situation of all that matters to us politically, socially, culturally, ethnically and more.

But on “God of Men- Fake pastors” the sweet rapper, Falz and commandant Charley boy came for the pastors.

To rightly preach their message in the video, a dramatist, Segun Arinze is featured to act out the relics of a typical “fake pastor”.

Produced by Acesoundz, the video was directed by Unlimited LA to upscale the sweetness that the Afrobeat song will deposit into listeners ears as they watch.

In tandem with the realities in every sphere of our nation today, don’t you think songs like this should be a “go” to resolving some of the anomalies in our society.

Don’t you feel it should be accepted by all and sundry?

Mostly, for the fact that its lyrics speaks of the counter-productive phenomenon, religion, which has eaten deep into our system.

Plus, with the preachy nature of Falz and Charley boy over the years, do you think the song will be short of a take home sermon to whom it may concern?

Dont you think this song will be a home song like Fela’s “Amen”?

You can’t tell?

Alright, here is the song and video

Listen, think through it, dance to it and type in your take-home’s from it in the comment section.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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