A Glimpse Into The Life Of The Valentine Crooner Johnny Drille

A Glimpse Into The Life Of The Valentine Crooner
Johnny Drille

It’s Valentine!!! The perfect day and time to have a glimpse into the life of the who spins love in various beautiful directions. Playing the songs of Johnny Drille makes everyday feel like it’s Valentine.

Well, the kind of songs you listen to is persuaded by the mood you are in. If you are in a lonely mood for instance, you tend to listen to songs that cool of your mind and give you a better orientation of your situation.

Songs with nice lyrics and a melodious voice to tag along can never be over emphasized, as it leaves a beautiful spot in our hearts when we take out time to listen to them.
Some artistes over the years have worked in this light to serve their fans music that tend to inspire and build them, either in their personal or love life. We can see this music traits in Johnny Drille’s songs as his tunes can be categorized under the “joyful melodies” which are pure, true and always inspiring.

John Ighodaro, popularly known as Johnny Drille is a Nigerian singer and songwriter born on July 5,1990.
The singer always generates a strong feeling within, whenever any of his masterpiece songs are aired.
In an interview with PM News where Johnny talked about how his singing journey began. In his words

” Like everyone else, I started in church. My parents are pastors. So at an early age I was exposed to music. First, it was with the children choir. I started to play the keyboard around 2001. I think I was like 11 years then. I learnt to play it to intermediate choir. I first joined a group called “Soul Awakening Singers” with my sister and some couple of other people and from there, I started to learn music production in 2006.”

John was head over heels about making music and this quest made didn’t make him pass his first WAEC, NECO and JAMB same year. However, after a little more attention to his studies, he gained admission into the University of Benin to study English and Literature.
As usual, due to school stress and ever every, Johnny wasn’t able to keep the music fire burning, although he continued producing music and finally graduated in the year 2012.

His ‘not winning’ the MTN Project fame and a couple of other ‘personal projects’ didn’t quench his fire or zeal for music, rather it was a stepping stone for him, as he sang even more and did covers songs.
Here, praises started to pour in, whilst some other discouraging feedbacks. Along the line, a cover he did almost landed him to have a lawsuit, but he was quick to get off the snare by deleting that particular cover from his page and nobody got to listen to it. This incidence made him neither sad nor discouraged, let’s just call it that ‘no words kinda feeling’.

Like the story goes, he kept pushing, believing in himself, of course and things gradually began to turn around.

Among other breakthroughs, the story began when he dropped a cover of “Aww” by Dija, which got an overwhelming response from her. She took out time to repost on her Instagram page, and this further endeared Don Jazzy to the raw talent making Johnny become one of the lords of Mavin Records.

Dija & Johnny Drille

Johnny described his journey with the Mavin Crew as “awesome”.

“I feel everyone has different journey and everyone has different kind of grace. So far for me, it wasn’t exactly smooth. I had to learn a lot about branding because for me at that time, I had zero branding. It took me a while to figure it out because I was that everyday guy that could just work the street but for a while I had to realize that you want to be that everyday guy but then also a brand attached to the music and you want people to be able to attach your brand to the music. It took me a while to get over it and yes things started to get better and started moving fast and I had my first concert in Lagos and it was awesome”. How adorable!

Johnny Drille who takes out time to ‘properly’ write the lyrics of his songs has composed many in the likes of
*Hallelujah featuring Simi *Papa
*Wait for me
*Dear future wife
*Romeo and Juliet
All songs worth capturing your replay button.
His songs has over 10 Million streams globally, across different stream platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Apple music.
Also, Johnny has been collaborating with other prominent artiste whom he had done ‘electrifying’ songs with and his fans are simply a make up of those who know the quality and content of good music.
He has done cover songs such as:
*Grow up by Blessing Tangban
*Cover of Hello by Adele
*Udue by Waje and many more

Recently, King Drille had one of his numerous dreams come true, as he was spotted with Jon Bellion, his all time muse on Instagram where he posted their photo together with a caption that spelt excitement.

“I met the man that has been the biggest inspiration to my music. Can you believe that! There’s so much I have to say about meeting Jon but I’ll save it for later”
More than a fan going to meet his favourite artiste perform tingly, for many is was a thing of ‘Legend Meet Legend’, as a link up came into play. This was definitely a thrilling moment for Johnny’s fans and all lovers of good music.

For a singer with witty contents and sage, it won’t be surprising to know Johnny is also a lover of edible words and all it entails.

Below are a few of Johnny’s favorite quotes:

*You can’t blend in when you are born to stand out”
*You are capable of so much more, surprise yourself.”
*”If you lose your way,you can pray. Don’t be afraid,don’t lose faith.”

Drille is one passionate artiste who has created a strong bond with his fans through his music.

He is no doubt DIFFERENT and stands out in the Nigerian music scene.

With this, we look forward to a wider reach, global impact and a most fulfilling journey for the Music Icon with QUALITY in all ramifications- Johnny Drille


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