Sony Music Plaque Plus 115m Total Stream For Davido’s “A Good Time” On Spotify

“A Good Time” must definitely be giving the 30 billion “geng” a good time right now as the album has been the source of global recognition for “Omobaba Olowo”, Davido.

Following the plaque given to Davido by Sony Music for his hardwork on the album, the album had a gush of streaming which led to it, hitting 115 Million total streams on Spotify, the world’s leading digital streaming platform for music.

115 Million?


The album released in November 2019 took just 3 months to give Davido accolades from fans, plaque from Sony and now, a global official tweet from Spotify handles (Spotifydata and spotifydaillies) to announce the new total streaming number of the album on their platform.

“Blow my mind” is topping other songs in the album with other 25 Million streams on Spotify.

On YouTube, with over 217 Million views, other songs in the album like “Risky” “Fall” “Sweet in the middle”  joins “Blow my mind” to contribute to the 500 Million total views for Davido, making him the first Nigerian artiste to hit such staggering number on YouTube.


Make we no lie, isnt this awesome?

Dont you think deserve some accolade in addition to all these?

I guess Yes!

Should we be tired of congratulating Davido?

I guess No!

Now take unto the comment section and say-something to Davido.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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