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With a number of Nigeria’s reigning musical videos to his credits, Fast rising Music Video Director, Naya Effects is definitely one of Naija’s most sought after Video Directors. With videos like Naira Marley’s Mafo and Oxlade’s Sugar among many others, claims such as this is definitely not in\n doubt.

Who exactly is Naya Effects? And how exactly did he get into the video directing art?

Thanks to his appearance on Lagos Television Station, TVC. We were able to get the 411 on the prodigious Video director. Speaking to the trio of TVC’s King Hojay, Amanda Dara and Ariyiike, he touched on a number of Naya Effect Trivia.

On whom Naya is, his answer was straight to the point.

In his word: Naya is Chukwufunaya. I got Naya from it. I’m an Ibo boy.

Out of Chukwufunaya comes out Naya, the guy who shoots the videos.

On how’s long he’s been in the music video art?

I’ve been doing it for three years he said. The interviewer shocked on the brevity of time asked if it were the length of time he’s been doing it professionally. He answered yes. Becoming this big in such a short time is no mean feat!

On which video was his directorial debut and what the experience was like?

Identifying the Video as Oxlade’s Sugar, he went further to describe the shooting as a crazy experience. He said it was so tasking that he even had to deep his hands into his pockets for its completion. He added that Oxlade was his childhood friend.

On how he got into Video Directing;

He said it was basically his fascination for the music videos he was seeing on TV. He ventured into it after a failed attempt at becoming a professional soccer player. After shooting what he termed “normal events” for a while, he switched into music video making as it was more lucrative.

He identified Omo Oniles (Street Urchins) as the biggest menace Directors face in their line of work. He said they even resort to charging extra from artistes just to pay off the urchins.

On his perceptions’ of Marley;

He referred to him alongside Oxlade as the best he’s worked with. According to him, The person behind the Naira Marley we all know is a totally different personality. He described him as being “So Chilled” he said he was down to earth. He said he Naira Marley’s “Online Life” was different from his real reality.

On a lighter note, The Interviewer asked: Are you a Marlian?

He answered;

Obviously, No Belt! Looking down at his trousers, as if to say look, this is the evidence.

On if he was a subscriber to Naira Marley’s ideologies, his answer was a big Yes. In his words;

I subscribe to all of them!

He said Naira Marley wasn’t in support of Advanced Fee Fraud (Yahoo Yahoo) that the belief that the Mafo crooner favours it was just a misconception.

Asked if he goes without seat belts, he answered jokingly that he uses seat belts, saying he wasn’t ready to die. In his words;

I use seat belt, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!

Lol, who wants to? Sharp guy. It isn’t all of it that he’s subscribed to after all.

He added added that Naira Marley was a very nice person that does a lot of good things behind the scenes, things that many don’t get to know or hear about, he said he was a very simple person, one who does not even do all the bling that is accustomed to the music industry

On word for upcoming video directors. He advised consistency. In his words:

Just keep doing what you know how to do best with passion. Some times, I had to use my money to shoot for somebody so that they’ll see my work. In other words, he advises to go the extra mile to get what you want.

On whom he’s looking forward to working with, he fingered American Rapper Drake and Star Boy CEO Wizkid.

Interestingly, Naya isn’t film schooled trained, at least not yet. And he’s doing so well, already!

Information for this piece was gathered from Television Continental’s launch hour entertainment show Entertainment Splash.

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