Naira Marley Is MIA On Twitter As “Marlians” Hack His Twitter Account

You see this life ehn, it has a way of passing a subtle life-time message to anybody no matter your level or anything.

Life, really, is a shocker.

Guess what?

The official Twitter account of the king of marlians have been hacked by “Marlians”.


Isnt this funny and shocking at the same time?

Does this mean the king of Marlian is not all guarded afterall?

Well, let’s get into details of the shocker life served the almighty lord of marlians.

Reports has it that the official twitter page of the “soapy” crooner was hacked and the name of the account was changed “@Fros”.

Funny, as in “Marlian Fros”.

However, following a swift king-ly marlian strategy of Naira Marley the account was recovered, but, the sad news for his fans and followers is that the account has not been accessible for them, as searching for it proved abortive.

Thats not all.

Despite having to run a new account with the name @NairaMarle, the account can only be found on the search box only when searched with the former hackers name @Fros to be found as that is the only easy way.


Strong thing this is o, as in, does this mean the king of Marlian Empire is learning from his subjects after all?

Well, is he immune to hackers antics on social media?


But the question is, is this just to have Naira Marley taste the consequence of being a Marlian?

As in to give him a share of his own medicine?

Does it mean the King of Marlian is catchable after all?

Facts or conjectures, spill in the comment section.

Meanwhile, the only fact here is that NAIRA MARLEY is MIA – Missing in Action, at least on TWITTER.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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