Upcoming Artistes: Things You Need To Do To Survive The Nigerian Music Industry.

Upcoming Artistes:Things You Need To Do To Survive The Nigerian Music Industry.

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Up Coming Artistes

The Nigerian music industry is a very dynamic and strange one,it takes little or nothing for one to blow and at the same nothing for one to remain up coming till his career gets to the dead end.

Nigerian music industry continues to explode,thus making it hard for up coming artistes to walk their way into the spot lights they desire.

There has been questions on why out of the millions of talented youths we have in the industry only very few manages to make breakthrough.

This is a bugging question, for this reason Afrobeats360 has decided to highlight some of the things up coming artistes needs to do in order to survive the Nigerian music industry.

1.Always Dish Out Good And Quality Contents

As earlier stated, music in Nigeria is now becoming more competitive because there are many talented upcoming artists trying to break into the industry, thereby relegating those ones that are not ready to give out good lyrical contents.

As an upcoming artist, you should know your craft and be confident. Dishing out good content will not only attract viewers ,it will also attract top artist and record labels who will like to have a feature with you or even sign you to their record labels

2. Get A Good Management Team.

Nigerian music industry is vast and it is usually not a market where only you can survive on your own.
It is advisable you get a good management team which can be a group of professional friends or a management company.

This management team will help propel an upcoming artist into limelight as a result of their skills, commitment and connection.

This is actually one of the reasons why those signed under a record label succeed easily.

3. Promote Yourself.

The Nigerian music industry is a very competitive one, this is as a result of many young talents springing up day by day.

Hence,  it is important you promote yourself if your aim is to go from an unknown artiste to a highly sought after celebrity.

It will shock you to know that most of the top celebrities we know today actually got noticed as a result of them promoting themselves, a good example is Mayorkun and Picazzo Rap.

So, it is important you start promoting yourself as an upcoming artist, there are different platforms in which you can promote yourself ,most of them include but not limited to facebook, instagram, twitter, radio, television, blog, influences, etc.

The platforms mentioned above will help your potential listeners get to feel your vibes and even give you the encouragement you need to improve on your contents.

4.Collaborate With Top Artistes In The Industry.

There are so many things a Nigerian upcoming artiste should do in order to easily elevate his/her career and doing a collabo with a top artiste is one of them.

This is where most of the up coming artistes fail in their career, a proven research shows that a feature or collabo with a top artist in the industry has a way of changing an artist from up coming to an established artist.

It is true that one thing that can stop an upcoming music artist from featuring top artists is finance but it is advisable to at least for ones try a feature with a top artist even though the it means going broke for a while.

This feature will enable you learn and also motivate you in your next musical project.

5. Go For Free Shows.

Now i have touched them where they don’t like but hey calm down “You Never Blow Yet

Most upcoming artistes make the mistake of turning down invitations to perform for free in events, forgetting that publicity  is what they actually need to thrust their way into already competitive industry.

Free shows are great platforms where you showcase your talent and build a fan base.
So, as Upcoming artistes always embrace such invitations as it helps upgrade their acts.

In order not to bore you with long list, it is important we stop here but other notable things to also do is to be humble, be nice to almost everybody, be known for a sound ,get educated and above all be prayerful and always have patience.

Upcoming Artistes:Things You Need To Do To Survive The Nigerian Music Industry.

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