Rapper Iceberg Slim Rages Over Call-Out On His Failed Relationship With Juliet Ibrahim

A self-defence attorney, Duane Dyer popularly known as Iceberg slim has been seen pridefully defending his name and integrity on Instagram lashes out on those who has “something” to say about his cheating on his ex, actress Juilet Ibrahim.

Iceberg Slim who publicly declared himself unfaithful for ending his relationship by cheating, said he regret announcing that he cheated as that has opened him up enemies than fans.

Having shared his cheating escapades, he cried out saying he has falling into the trap of association of self righteous people, as they will not stop calling him out.

He took to his Instagram story page, sending a message to the opinion givers.

He said:

“Social media smh…I know I’ve fallen into the trap of having to explain or defend myself or tell my side of a story when it was no one’s business but mine and that of the person I was involved with. You’ll think you are doing what’s right, for the greater good, but again its NO ONE’s business. These things will never leave the Internet …and they will forever be held over your head. It’s not worth it”.

icebergs slims instgram story message

Word from the self-righteous association ‘You cheated’ I’ll never downplay or justify what’s wrong. I owned it up and learned from it. For everyone that wants to bring it up every day, because there is nothing to talk about…as I said in my ‘Geng’ remix, na cheat I cheat, I nor kill person,” he wrote.

na cheat, i cheat, i no kill person, says iceberg slim

Incase you didn’t know, the former love birds were one of the most admired couple when celebrity relationship is talked about back then in 2018, but, before we could say jack, “something” something happened and like a gun shot in the air, we saw, the end.

Giving a clue to the “something” that happened to the shock of all, Juliet Ibrahim deleted all Iceberg Slim’s pictures from her instagram page.

love birds in 2018

Following this was the apology of the rapper on social media, regretting all he had done to the actress, pleading for forgiveness for cheating and all that “something” something.

Hmmmmm, “something” Love!

Meanwhile, responding to the drama of Iceberg Slim on instagram, Juliet Ibrahim was seen throwing words at him in her latest post.

Seen from her post, sipping from a glass of wine, the Movie star captioned the photo she uploaded with words that could be said to be a salt-added-to-injury.


See what she wrote:

“Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, Let’s have a toast for the assholes, Let’s have a toast for the scumbags, every one of them that I know… #AToastToLife @atoasttolifebook. RUNAWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN…” .

Inside the life of love!


Apperantly, this post must be a calculated response to her former boyfriends post online, putting him in his place as we could see.

But is this the end?

Are we gonna see more apologies from Iceberg Slim or lash-back?

The drama unfolds.

Wait for it.

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