Afrobeats Kidjo and Yemi Alade Celebrates Africa with “Shekere”

A step away from the glory of Grammy, Angelique Kidjo has joined forces with Nigerian star, Yemi Alade to give glory to Africa in new video for “Shekere”.

Celebrating the continent with a beautiful display of Africa and its paraphernalia, the video had the muchness of Yemi Alade’s Wombo Lombo signature and Kidjo’s classic tunes to mesmerize the listeners.

The song which is of Calypso and Kwaito genre, had the video directed by Ovie Etseyatse, making the “woman of steel” album of Kidjo a must-buy for those who haven’t listened it.

Being the African version of a tambourine, the two stars puts every other artiste on their feet to do songs that will project the glory of Africa to the world.

Interesting right?

You should listen and watch the video then.

Here is the link.

In the comment section, say something about anything in the video.

All hails the Mama(s) of Africa.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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