Naira Marley Pledges To Go “Anywhere” With Ms Banks

The Marlian trend continues, as the King of the empire takes a peep from “Shepeteri” to Afrobeat and now into Afropop and Afroswing” with the release of “Anywhere” featuring, Ms. Banks.
Anywhere with Ms. Banks?
Why “Banks”?

Could we say the Marlians Idol developed something “small” for the singer after her electric performance at the Marlian Fest in 2019?
Plus, to show it, he decided to tell us how he can go “anywhere” with the singer?
Tell me o!!!

Following the release of “Lord of Lamba” plus a few videos to dramatize his songs to the world, Naira Marley returns with this single, produced by TBA under the Marlian records.
The song which is to be released on the 31 of January 2020, has TBA as the director of the Video.

As you would have thought, it must be a must-watch, but, should we expect something different from the usual “Marlian-oreinted” videos of the music star?
Will the song and video confirm the change in narrative of the Marlian empire which” so many” have been perceiving following the recent revelations about Naira Marley?
Well, let’s go find out.
Tell us what you found in the comment section.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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