Behind-The-Scene: 2 Baba

The confirmer of the “to every hero, there is a story” aphorism, MTVBASE host, VJ Sammy Walsh has put a name to the next artiste to share his story to the world in the MTVBASE Behind-The-Story show.
And guess what?

It’s the Nigerian music legend, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face or 2Baba.

Behind-The-story on MTVBASE plunges “star” lovers into the personal life of the biggest artists in Nigeria. It’s literally an exposition mill.
The exposition brings to the table what is and what is not about the artiste to encourage and inspire the young and old generation alike.

Annie & 2Baba

2FACE will be on the hot seat unraveling the unrevealed about his music career, “relationships”, stardom-feels, challenges and perhaps marriage, following the people-oriented questions of Sammy Walsh in the second episode.
And you know what?

The two rules of the show are, “Not to evade any questions and “to tell the truth”.
So, it means we would finally know the truth behind the “Banana” of the African Queen crooner that is making “Shenkes” give him babes.

More so, the behind-the-scene story of the star will be tabled, talking about days before stardom, stardom life and how it has shaped the realities of his life generally.
Giving a tit-bit about his experiences in the last decade.

2baba & Daughter

Without holding back, 2Baba conveyed his Grass-to-Grace story, how much sacrifice he had to make to be successful, his admirable relationship with his wife and how he manages the mothers of his other children, plus the things he wished he has done differently.

Meanwhile, a recap of the first episode of the show had, Teni the Entertainer who shared her experiences so far in “stardomship” and how she has been living in a world of her own.
The Entertainer talked about the dynamics of her family extensively, how growing up with 9 siblings, and being the last born shaped her.
The not-so-sweet part of her revelation was when she revealed how she lost her father at a very early age and how that had an adverse effect on her.
That’s sad!
There is more, so the show promises.

However, talking about having 2FACE sitting across the table with the Interviewer, Sammy Walsh, what are your expectations?
Are you sure excited to see the real face before 2Face?
Share your fantasies about the show in the comment section.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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