Unmasking The Beauty Behind Speroach Beatz.

Let’s talk about Beat tags. Yes, those sweet sounding voice we always hear just before we get into the beat proper. Ozedikus’s “Ozedikus Nwanne, Young John’s “It’s Young John the wicked producer, Don Jazzy’s It’s Don Jazzy again!, Speroach Beatz’s Speroach Beatz is just few out of lot.

Ever wonder what the faces behind those faces look like? Ever wonder who’s behind those beautiful masks?

The Disk Jockeys are into it, the Beat Makers are definitely into it. Once you hear the tag, you know what to expect, you know this is gonna be quality stuff. Once you hear is Don Jazzy again, forget! You’re getting quality. Ever wondered if Don Jazzy voiced that? Perhaps he didn’t, perhaps somebody else did.

Beat tagging is definitely a piece of the puzzle that completes music-making from time immemorial till this very day. I mean, hardly can you get a song off a music sharing site without hearing a sonorous beat tag announcing it. That’s how important beat tags have become to the music business.

But there’s one thing that’s a cause for worry, we’ve all been found wanting in the area of not caring who the voice behind the beat tag is, we simply enjoy the song, not mindful of who was it that ushered us in sonorously. I’m guilty, you are, we all are.

One such beat maker with such a beautiful sweet sounding beat tag is rave of the moment music producer, Speroach Beatz. Having produced Davido’s Assurance, Perruzi’s For your Pocket (remix) featuring Davido and most recently, American returnee’s, Sauce Kid(Sinzu’s) O Por. Including Davido’s chart topping song “Risky“. You’ll agree without doubt that he’s definitely one of the hottest properties of music production at the moment.

So, when the opportunity came to unveil the face of the sweet voice behind this sweet tag, I had to jump on it. Who wouldn’t?

Without further ado or without too much ceremony or ‘sereren‘ like they say in this part of the world, The VOICE is Magic! Yes, you heard that right. It was fast growing pop music sensation Efe Oraka who said it.

As Afrobeat360 earlier reported, Efe is a songstress currently growing in leaps and bounds; https://afrobeats360.com/2020/01/22/in-efe-oraka-weve-gotten-ourselves-something-thats-purely-magic/

The artist who hails from the Niger Delta region of the country made it known on her Twitter page that she was the voice behind the popular Beat tag. It was during the #RandomMusicFacts trend. For her random music fact, she let her teeming followers in on the information which was until that point unknown.

Well, you probably wondered who was it behind the voice, you probably didn’t. Whatever the case, here’s random info for your reading pleasure, The next time you’re listening to Davido’s RISKY or any other sweet beat made by Speroach, and you hear that sweet voice ushering you into the song, just know without a doubt that music sensation, EFE ORAKA (MAGIC) voiced it. She is the one who sensually and alluringly whispered SPEROACH BEATZ!

Sam DePoet

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