DJ Xclusive Releases “Mad O” as Krizbeatz Features Yemi Alade and Skales in “Riddim”

In actuality, it is one thing to be street-savvy and another to be streetwise to benefit from the realities of the street.
DJ XCLUSIVE has proven to be streetwise and as well streetsavvy with the release of his new song “MAD O”.

Produced by SK Badest, the song “Mad O” is a corollary of the street exclamation and amusement phrase which has found its way into the Oxford dictionary.
But, does this song accentuate the already known meaning of “MAD O”?
Maybe it’s a good Friday jam.

But owing to the singing prowess of the Artiste, DJ XCLUSIVE, shouldn’t we expect more deep meaning from “MAD O”?
Well, let’s go find out.
Here is the link to the song

Listen to it and let us know in the comment section what is and what is not about the song.
Mad O!

Meanwhile, like a hungry one-man Battalion, Krizbeats has gone and is back with “Riddim”, featuring Yemi Alade Skales.


Raising the Afrobeats placard, the artiste and producer of the new song, Krizbeats himself, has it as one of the “lollipops” in his album, “the King of New wave”.

Indeed, with the dulcet voice of Skales and commanding presence of Yemi Alade, could we agree less that “Riddim” will be the new wave of the town? Should we believe or doubt if “Riddim” will be the new talked-about rhythm in the coming weeks?

Yemi Alade

Well, let’s go find out. Below is the link to the song:


Qualified to be the next Anthem?Let us know in the comment section.

We say, Happy “Riddim” Weekend to you.

Mad O!   

Bright M. Esagbodje

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