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“Eyimofe” premiere at Berlinale

Obviously, the comity of nations must have gotten the inclination that as far as the world entertainment industry is concern, “Nigeria no come play” as our entertainers are at the center of major global conversation in recent time.

At present, aside Burna boy stamping the name “Nigeria” on the sand of time with his Grammy feat, Chuko Esiri is set to write “Nigeria” in the sky for all to see with his new movie, EYIMOFE.

The Nigerian feature film, Eyimofe, is set to make its world premiere at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival (berlinale).

Starting in February 2020, in reverence of “Eyimofe” and the dexterity of the duo, Scriptwriter- Chuko Esiri and Producer- Melissa Adeyemo, the film festival will pay tribute to the Nigeria movie industry which has become one of the most talk-about globally.

Did you get that?

As in, uncountable movie enthusiast across the world will be graced with the award-winning Nigerian movie, Eyimofe, where other blog buster’s movies will be considered for attention.

Yaaaaaaaay, isn’t it sweet to be a Nigerian at this time?

Now let’s brag a bit.

Did you know that “Eyimofe” was one of the top ten projects chosen for last year’s Independent Film Maker Project in New York, after emerging “Purple List Award” winner in 2018?

The scriptwriter of Eyimofe, Chuko Esiri celebrates win.

Now you know!

The movie showing Nigeria’s impressive record at the Berlin International Film Festival, considered one of the “Big Three” alongside Cannes and Vanice Festival has been added to the lineup for the forum section of the event holding in Germany.

“Eyimofe” meaning “this is my desire”, plunges viewers into the depth of the issue of Migration in our world today.

With a beautiful cinematographic display, the movie wonderfully tells the story of two Lagosians who crave for what they believe will be a better life in Europe, from a new perspective, revealing the migrants’ endless pursuit for greener pastures and the reality they met at the end.

The movie stars Tomiwa Edun, Jacob Alexander, Jude Akuwudike, and Temi Ami-williams.

On the world’s stage, Chuko Esiri, Arie Esiri, Melissa Adeyemo and these stars take “Nigeria” to the World.

Gradually, our “desires” for a better represented Nigeria is turning into reality.

Cheers to Eyimofe!

And to every Nigerian out there, doing us proud.

We say a big Cheers!!!

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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