Top 5 Most Consistent Afrobeats Artistes

Top 5 Most Consistent Afrobeats Artistes

Top 5 Most Consistent Artistes In Nigeria

The Nigerian Music Industry  no doubts is one of the music industries that has remained top in Africa and arguably in the world at large.

This is as a result of some talented artists who has remained consistent over the years churning out hit songs year after year.

A close look at the industry shows that a myriad of artistes pop into the music scene showing off their individual talents.

However, only few has remained consistent and at the top of their games while other fade away just like the stars of the earth.

With the new decade off to a great start for the music industry, Afrobeats360 takes a look at The Top 5 Most Consistent Afrobeats Artistes since inception of their careers in the last decade.

Interestingly, one may suffice to say that they are forces that has kept the industry at its height with their great contributions and efforts.



Dancehall, ragga, afro hip hop artiste Initimi Alfred Odion popularly known as Timaya.

He is no doubt one of the artist that has remained consistent since he kicked off his career as far back as 2007.

With 7 albums to his name, several hit singles that drops yearly, the singer has kept his fans entertained, elevating the industry to even more greater heights.

One thing that has made the artiste relevant is his power of consistency, the beats and his great vocals.

The singer has also been nominated and won several awards



David Adeleke popularly known and called Davido.

He is definitely one of the best singers in Africa and in the world at the moment.

The Nigerian Super hit maker came into limelight in 2011 and since then has proven to be the best of his time, making headlines for the good and bad reasons.

Although, with just two albums to his name, the singer has managed to stay relevant with hit singles every year and most of his songs go far beyond Nigeria.

In 2017, he signed a global deal with Sony Music.

Having won so many awards, the singer is a proud owner of the most reputable record label in Nigeria and in Africa as well.



International starboy Wizzy is being considered a legend in the industry already because of his consistency and in elevating the industry to greater heights.

Making his way into the scene in 2010, the afrobeat singer has recorded 3 studio albums, several hit singles and some collaborations.
Internationally,the artist is a sensation and arguably the biggest artist in Africa.

The singer has proven his level of consistency and relevance in the Nigerian music industry and beyond



Hey! Before you say the duo are no longer together,let me take your mind to 1997 when their journey started.

This great movement continued to stay till 2017 when the duo got disbanded for unreconciable differences.

Now ,you will agree with me that the twin has been the most consistent in the industry for so long.

In fact they remain the only and the most successful duo in the industry,

They were known with their powers of great vocals, wonderful lyrics, captivating dance steps and consistency of single releases.

Their union produced a lot of hit songs and 6 albums with several notable national and international awards.

They were also the first to start the international movement as both performed with and featured artists like Ginuwine, Sean Paul, Akon and T. I.

Despite the brothers currently pursuing their solo careers, with the stage name of Mr. P and RudeBoy,they still remain on top of their games with singles like Zombie ,Cool it, reason with me and audio money.

Their level of consistency and relevance is more than we can ever imagine even top celebrities have come to say that the twin brothers will hold Nigeria Music scene spell bound for a long while.



Let me still remind you that 2baba is nobody’s mate in the Nigerian music industry.

Funny as that may sound but it’s clearly the truth even top talents we have today regard him as Legend and best of all time.

So many things to talk about this great singer but to keep it simple, he is one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa.

Having started as far back as 1994 the singer remains the most consistent artist in Nigeria with 6 studio album and so many awards too numerous to mention.

Talking about consistency in the  industry, the singer adapted successfully to the changes in industry trends, he has never been blown away from relevance despite the dynamic nature of Nigeria’s music industry.

This is a personal review on The Top 5 Most Consistent Artistes In Nigeria and maybe not be in agreement to your own opinion.

Use the comment section to always air your view concerning our reviews.

The Top 5 Most Consistent Artistes In Nigeria

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