In Efe Oraka, We’ve gotten Ourselves Pure Magic!

Amidst all the ‘Gbas Gbos‘ and all the loud music that the Nigeria music industry is suddenly known for these days, there are actually some sweet sounding soft music singing artistes emerging out of the lot. Not that the Gbas Gbos, isn’t sweet, but you know what I mean.

One such artistes is the embarrassingly talented Guitar strumming Magic. Magic whose real name’s is Efe Oraka with rapid growth of followers is already a sensation across numerous social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, you just name it. With a so sonorous voice and lyrics so rich, you’ll probably mistake Efe for a foreign artiste, perhaps a European or someone from North America.

To her credit so far, she has two singles which includes Nigeria Dream, a song talking about the average Nigerian and the struggles he she goes through.

In this song, with a deep underlying meaning, she describes the Nigerian Dream as putting up appearances, making it seem like you’re already a big success when you aren’t there yet. The songs literally implies the pressure that forces the majority of Nigerians to put up this act that slowly eats at them inside.

Nigerian Dream is her second single from her forthcoming E.P “Magic

Hers first single from the forthcoming E.P is titled Wonderland. From the title alone you know this one is flowery. Unlike Nigerian Dream, Wonderland is a love song delivered with sonorous masterpiece. Like Nigerian Dream, it’s already a massive fan favorite. A peek at her Twitter handle @Magic will validate this assertion.

Before her debut singles, Magic did a lot of covers, foreign and from Nigerian artistes. One of such covers is her merging of a handful of Olamide’s songs and doing a cover of it to the delight of her teeming fans.

There are so many other covers done by her on video sharing platforms on the world wide web.

The most interesting thing about Efe is that like Rema, Joe Boy, and the likes, she’s still so so young! She’s got lyrics that can unmistakably be described as poetic. Describing her music as poetry put to song will be totally on the mark!

Although she’s yet to break into the mainstream Nigeria music industry, it’s all a matter of time before she forces her way in. Hers is music too sweet to be ignored. @Magic on Twitter get numerous imploring everyday, fans beg to have a collection of works from her.

Social media posts from her shows she’s currently in Canada. Perhaps on a vacation or maybe she relocated.

Whatever the case, our fingers are crossed, Efe is definitely a magic waiting to happen to the Nigerian music industry!

Sam DePoet

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