Suspense Filled: The Davido, Chioma and Peruzzi Saga

The year 2020– even from afar, we felt it, we could just perceive it and we anticipated for it. Aside being the dawn of a new decade, the year 2020 carries an aura of many unfolding within. However, nobody would probably have guessed that the DMW crew would be cut up in the dirty web currently lingering.

Of course, except for the controversial Journalist Kemi Olunloyo, who before time, revealed far back in 2019 that Peruzzi was actually not Chioma’s cousin and worst of all, the two were having an affair.

Well, how she dug this sensitive information out, we do not know, yet it just the beginning of 2020 and her words are now resonating big time!

Like a fresh opening to an old wound, the Golden Boy Entertainment Boss, Patrick Anyaene further ascertained Kemi’s already fading claim, as he confirmed that Chioma was (is) Peruzzi’s side chick.
The Golden Boy CEO, Patrick, told his bitter story on twitter, on how Perruzi ditched him, after a long list of help he had offered ‘Peru’ in the past.

The lovebirds, Chioma and Davido

Reacting to Patrick’s tweet, Davido tweeted:
If you’re feeling depressed, remember that you’re not alone. God is with you always. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your family, your church, or your friend circles. Ask them to pray with you and not give u drugs ! Hope u feel better bro. Crackhead!”

Replying Davido, Patrick tweeted:
“If you’re Feeling stupid and you’re out there popping babies and giving girls STDs, don’t be sad, reach out to loved ones and get advise from your Huncho (reference to Peruzzi) on how to fvck his Side Chick and pimp her out to you as his cousin. Let’s be guided pls. Incest is a Sin.”

Now this was where the real ‘fire on the mountain’ started!
Gist they say lead to gist, and one peculiar thing about this whole story is that, every gist within, is a headline on its own

As further revealed by Patrick:
-Who would have ever thought the songs Fia, Risky, Mind and a host of others were not originally by Davido?
-Who would have imagined that Peruzzi’s tag with DMW record label was just an audio one?
-Although slippery days were bound to come, who would have believed the Davido and Chioma story will have this huge hitch?

Most of all, even in the many ‘wondering’ that comes with all these news, the greater suspense is that there is definitely something fishy somewhere.

As already perceived by some fans, the Chioma and Peruzzi tingle may just be a prank to sweep away Patrick’s lamentations. Or perhaps, a prank by even the trio – Davido, Patrick and Peruzzi. Who knows???
It’s just too early for ‘April Fool’ stunts though.

Just yesterday, news went round that Davido and Chioma unfollowed each other on Instagram, and folks saw this as a confirmation that the news was for real. However, few hours later, they followed each other again, creating more and more suspense.

In all, we cannot deny the fact that Davido and Chioma’s love story rang sweet melodies throughout the year 2019 and their wedding scheduled for this year, is one of the most anticipated event in 2020.

This whole saga is getting more “interesting” , yet, fingers are kept crossed for now, as time unfolds more.

Eden Benibo

Author: Eden Benibo

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