A Night of Soulful Reggae Vibes With Francis Bondd

There is a special exciting calmness that comes with the month of December. The aroma of Christmas, the anticipation of a holiday, and maybe just a pure bliss feeling of a little rest, after a 12-month ride through the year, at its near end. Let’s just call the month, a time when we pamper our body, mind and soul.

With this, lovers of reggae tunes, afrobeats, blues and a variety of good music, gave themselves a treat at a night of beautiful melodies and soft vibes hosted by Francis Bondd, featuring DJ Pherow and a number of performing guest artists. Wondering who Bondd is? Our recent interview with him should provide the answers you need. Kindly click ‘here’ to check this out.

This edition of Bondd’s monthly reggae vibes show, held at the Baylounge Waterfront, Lekki, Lagos, was sponsored by Tiger Beer, under the mother company of the Nigerian Breweries. The event was graced by an audience of both Black and White skin colors, all in a rectangular and round table sitting arrangements.

The Experience

Close your eyes and imagine the sweet breeze from the sea, gently blowing on your skin, as you flow with the soulful music that comes with a night under the open heavens. This and more were the feelings in display at the show, as music spoke in so many beautiful different ways.

Before we give you a glimpse of what each performance entailed, note that-

On the very night of the event, the dark sky was bare, and left with just a lonely moon above. Well, perhaps all the stars couldn’t help but run down to partake in the sweet melodies that filled the air. So, if you ‘kinda’ find any of these twinkling stars in the pictures below, you already have a clue to the reason for each appearance.

Now to the performance, straight up!

Starting the night vibes was Jeulah, a rapper who fed the night audience with stirring lines and cool beats.

Next was a duet by, Jay Paul, taking the flow of the night to an Afrobeats level.

Yaya, being the first female artist to perform did justice to the moments shared with the audience, as she ushered in that Niniola type of energy to the scene.

Derry Hans

Then came Derry Hans, known for his entertaining prowess that goes beyond the music he offers to how he offers it.


Giving the night a whole different twist, was the soul singer, Addie, who dedicated a song titled- Colors to the audience, as she repeatedly chorused the lines-

“I see you in colors.”

Francis Bondd

To crown it all, Bondd, the host of the night took the audience through various shades of reggae tunes.

From the slow and steady phase, to a rather ‘fast and furious’ ‘take off the jacket’ level, Bondd’s reggae style is one that would make a non-lover of the genre fall in love with the vibes.

A member of the audience showing some love

Well, the evening may not be described as the kind with a pulling crowd or performances by top celebrity artistes, however, the unique factor here was the ability to still generate energy giving vibes that left each attendee with a unique experience.

It’s the season of celebration, with a long list of events lined up for this month. Many will call it, the ‘Parte after Parte’ season, yet, in all the fun and excitement, we recommend that you take out time to have some rest, create time to ‘breathe’ (exhale), and relax on some cool evenings with any of your favorite heartwarming songs to go.

From the trigger of the serenity, laughter, and mildness encountered at the Reggae Vibes with Francis Bondd, we therefore look forward to more of this kind of Soulful Vibes this December.

Hey World!

Compliments of The Season

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Author: Eden Benibo

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