Album Review: Fireboy’s Debut Is a Symphony of Colors and Beats

“The singer taps into
Soulful lyrics and emotions.”- Apple Music

Dear Afrobeats,
Trust you’re bubbling in the oceans that you have become. It’s so amazing how you transcended from just being a lake channeling our African sounds, to becoming a wave beyond the shores of our continent. An energy in entirety. A versatile vibe. The ‘current’ current that knows no boundary.
I’m sure you will agree with me that the year 2019 brought so much sunshine and beauty to your credit; especially with the wild rise of new stars in your tribe.
Well, amongst these stars is one that comes with a ‘Fire’ to his name.

Adedamola Adefolahan a.k.a Fireboy DML

A boy with fire in his eyes, mind and soul.
With the rise of new Stars like this, we rest assured that your golden afro future is in safe hands. We sincerely hope that this new Fire continue to burn bright among other Stars, shinning your light across the face of the earth. And reflecting the energy that you are, in all versatility.

Yours Sincerely,
Eden B.
For the Association of Good Music Lovers,

Still speaking about Fire, the early mornings of 29th November, 2019 is one that left indelible footprints on the shores of the Nigerian music industry. The same very boy with fire to his name, finally released his debut album, causing outright pandemonium on twitter.
While some feel the album is simply a good start for a new artiste, others are convinced that the album is the total package, lit enough to set his musical career ablaze.
Well, whichever of these two clans you belong is perfect as we await the judgment of time, the final arbiter of destinies in the realm of music legends. For now, let’s take an in-depth dive into the 40 mins, 13-track album of ‘Colors and Beats’:

Need You
Produced By: Philip Kayode Moses & Pheelz
This ushered in a replay of brilliance by Pheelz, on his artistic guitar vibes displayed in Adekunle Gold’s ‘Orente’. The guitar, is mostly seen as a ‘spiritual something’ that never fails to leave good vibes whenever its chords are struck. Pheelz, a mastermind in the manipulation of sweet melodies, makes this more alluring to the ears. Fireboy on the other hand did not leave the beat hanging nor waste any bit of the soft guitar riffs as he blended it all with his love lines and honeyed voice. Johnny Drille should be proud of this resonating melody.

“You know I miss you
Like an idiot misses the point
And I need you
Like eko needs moi moi…

I want to love you
Like I’ve never loved before
My lover!”

In all humor, wittiness and vocal prowess, Fireboy infuses the melodies at his disposal, in the delivery of his mission to trigger goosebumps, even beneath hard skins.

Produced By: IamBeatz
Entering into another level entirely. The ‘dum dum dum…’ sound in the song, ‘Vibration’ is the type that sends messages straight to the brain, leaving the head nodding to ‘the beat’ accompanied by the message sent. You won’t go wrong if you give a slow dance ‘to match’. The song is a mood on its own. Also, it stands as the beginning of a gradual drift from the usual R&B groove of the Fireboy we used to know. A new flame!

Produced By: Philip Kayode Moses & Pheelz
At first, we were simply blown away. Not too sure if this was a confused type of blown away or simply gleeful surprise. However, one thing became more glaring, this is not Fireboy like we know him. There’s definitely a lot if undiscovered elements about either the fire, the boy, or both. Gradually, hands began to clear eyes properly, to see the person really on this beat. The surprise began to unwind, and many started to adjust to this new jamz, from same fire source. It started to sink in, perhaps this is what Fireboy meant when he categorized himself as an Afro-life artiste.

“Listen to the
Do re mi to fah soh lah ti doh”

Dj Kaywise
Currently, ‘Scatter’ is fast becoming a trending Afrobeats jamz on the playlist of top Nigerian Djs, and Dj Kaywise is at it already! If you haven’t done so, you really should go check out the Drummer boy’s mix of ‘Scatter’ via his Instagram handle @djkaywise. Maaad is just the summary!
With the release of the song video featuring an intro of electric sparks, a joker look by Fireboy and something just different from the views we see on a daily, the selection of this song as the album’s lead single is starting to resonate more. As for the beat here, Pheeelz did it again!!

Produced By: Cracker
Ayeeeeee! You already know!!
You won’t be wrong if you see this song as Fireboy’s signature to stardom. Like wildfire, the song spread across radio waves, major playlists, individual ringtones and almost every top music charts. Indeed, ‘Jealous’ reigned as one the biggest hits of 2019.
While the even tempo of the beat definitely made for a killer delivery of the song, Fireboy’s ability to croon relatable words to the hearts and minds of his fans is a distinctive selling point of his craft.

Produced By: Pheelz
Back to the cool beat vibes. Fireboy combines the language of Yoruba, Pigin and English in telling a story of a young lover stuck in between shyness and truth.

“Tinba ni kin soro
Melo ni mo fe so gan
I get shy when I look at you
But I no be bolo.”

This is one song that will flow well on a cool night or day of missing a lover and the ‘energy’.

Like I Do
Produced By:
We love love! And love the way Fireboy packages the feelings love brings, creating a mental picture by using pure lyrics and untapped melody. This and more, is well displayed in the call response chorus of the song ‘Like I do’. Although the song may not have as much gravity as ‘Jealous’, we see its softness as one that can pull melt hearts still.

Gbas Gbos

Produced By: Pheelz
The beat here is yet another gift from Pheelz. The song comes with the vibes of the Afrobeat King, Fela Kuti. It gives a sound that would go well while driving through the night, on the street of Lagos. Take this as a recommendation. Don’t mention

Produced By: Echo
When colorful melody is infused into a colorful video, one creates nothing less than a rainbow in display. We should do a video review on this art, soon. Be on the lookout here. –Afrobeats 360

“Me I fit fight for your love
But I no fit beg for your love.”- Fact!!!

Omo Ologo
Produced By: Crackermallo
With Cracker on the beat, Fireboy is given yet another platform to leave the shores of his cool
R & B sphere into the ‘gbedu kinda vibes’. The sound is the type that would initially make one start wondering. – Like woooot? Fireboy on top this wan?? But eventually, you reach the mid of the song and begin to breathe a sigh of relief. – Yeah, he’s doing it, after all. This song is another major drift that introduces more and more on what is yet undiscovered in the new talent.
In all, we won’t be surprised to see a collab on this one, with Zlatan, Naira Marley, or even the Baddo himself, Olamide.

High on Life
Produced By: Pheelz
Now, the song title alone is lit.
Spilling a bit of his own life story, Fireboy returns back to his rather unusual ‘hot cool’ vibes on this one.

“My life is a melody
Making money
Making love
Making memories…

I’m high on life
When I’m with my guys
It’s vibes on vibes.
I’m shy sometimes
So, I keep to myself
And write some lines…”

This is another head nodding groove that also gives the listener a glimpse into the artist’s personal life.

Produced By: Crackermallo
Listened to this song? Go listen again. This time, listen ‘in between’ and feel the vibes in the beat. Perhaps, this will help you see the blessedness of the melodies within.
“I need you to feel my love
in your soul…

We can’t be friends
No no no
We can’t pretend.
Look into my eyes
when I’m talking to you.”

To all those who have ‘friend zoned’ a potential lover, weh done ooo. Better take heed, Fireboy has a message for you in the song. – ‘Feel’

What If I Say
Produced By: Pheelz
Here’s another one you already know! A song released months before the album was produced.
This is one of those love stirring vibes, especially with all those beautiful murmurs starts and ends the song. And just after all the luxury of questions asked in the song, the singer finally screams:

“Oya baby gimme love oooooh.”

This song should definitely be among the goosebumps giving category.

Wait and See
Produced By: Pheelz
The climax of the album is blended in a beautifully retable epilogue about the singer’s journey thus far. Whether passing his message through loud whispers of sweet melodies or just via the energy that comes with a good beat, Fireboy speaks the language of music fluently. Speaking not just to the ears, but most importantly to hearts and minds, telling his own story and more.

“One man
One city
One night
One street
One journey
One dream…”

With each line telling the untold, one can easily detect where he is coming from, where he is currently, and as for where he is going, we can’t help but ‘wait and see’, knowing fully well that Fire never comes to play.

The album is no doubt the start of something new in the blazing music career of the fresh talent. We wouldn’t say the album is without a fault, especially in the transcendence of the artiste from his comfort zone. However, the album is one that displays boundless soul, unrestricted by musical genres or rules. The artiste also sojourned through the road ‘less’ taken, as took the 13 tracks ride all alone, this deserves a pat on the back.

For an artiste who began his early day as a poet, Fireboy has earned himself a spot on the list of Nigerian singers with edible/relatable lyrics. It’s one thing to have ‘the voice’, another thing to have content, and totally a different ball game in finding the best beat to drive these two. Fireboy has been able to combine this trio for his commercial sphere.

Afrobeats360 Rating: /5
Themes: 3.5/5
Lyrics: 4.5/5
Sound: 4.5/5
Transition: 3/5
Total: /10

We utmost believe that with this energy in a consistent frequency, the fire in the youngster would never lack the fuel for more MOVES!

Many thanks to Olamide, King of YBNL Nation, for digging out this firebrand gold, and planting him to grow among the fast thriving new singers in the Nigerian music industry.

We look forward to the rise of more Fire and perhaps Brimstones in the Nigerian music industry and beyond.


Eden Benibo

Author: Eden Benibo

Eden Benibo, Deputy Editor & Writer at Afrobeats360. Also a poet & lover of music adorned with edible lyrics. She believes Music & Poetry are like twinkling stars to dark nights

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