Music Review: “Up To something”- Mayorkun’s Didactic Masterpiece To Women

Genre: Afro Pop

Artist: Mayorkun

Song Title: Up To Something

Album: TBA

Label: DMW

Producer: Speroach Beatz

Kissing the month of October goodbye was Mayorkun’s latest single ‘Up To Something’. The song stands out as one of the vibe triggers that ushered in the month of November. This time, aside from the usual razzmatazz that comes with most music videos, Up To Something is fresh sound and expressive melody blended by Speroach Beatz. The lyrics and composition of the song is an enervating immersion in true beauty.

Just few days to the release of Up To Something, the acclaimed Mayor of Lagos, Mayorkun posted two clips on his Instagram page, featuring the BB Naija 2019 winner, Mercy Eke and TV Presenter & Producer, Bolanle Olukanni respectively. The clips gave fans a glimpse of what to expect before the single was released. Although the two elegant women in the clips gave enlightenment talks about body shaming and true beauty, many fans thought this meant the ladies would also feature in the main video, however, Mayorkun showed he was Up To Something else as the video explored a totally different direction.

“Body shaming means criticism of-

Someone’s body, shape, appearance, the way a

person speaks or how they look.

Body shaming is a no no for me,

Because I’ve been through it.

…you should own your body,

No matter how you look,

Just love yourself.”- Mercy

“Body shaming is pretty much

using the world’s standard of beauty to

Judge how you think someone should look.

I remember always feeling bad about being tall.

I remember people making me feel I was awkward.

But when I think about it now,

I’m like they were just insecure cause they were short.

It took me a long time, to be comfortable with being tall.

…you are beautiful, just the way you are.”- Bolanle

Refreshingly devoid of the levels of female nudity, bling, and over-the-top materialism on display in many musical videos in the genre, Up To Something, took on the weighty topic of personal inadequacy, thought to be a leading cause of poor self-esteem, depression and even suicide among youths:

“I know you wanna ginger for body

Silicon for bobby

Accent be foreign

Girl You’re up to something.”

“Girl I like your body, natural something

Figure eight or nothing, tension nobody

Anywhere you dey, cause gobe.”

Mayorkun preaches the gospel of keeping it real and original, as the video featured women with natural hair, tribal marks, an albino, a girl with hijab, the fat, the thin, the tall, the short and other beauties, reassuring all women with some of the lines of the Plantashun Boiz’ Faze:

“…but you don’t really understand,

That you’re beautiful,

Just the way you are…”

The video in itself came with a spark of beauty that reveals various shades of African women, all dressed in white, with some perfectly “set before a table”, perhaps depicting a “ready to go”, “good enough” embodiments of uniqueness. Whilst some others stood separately, within a design that spelt bold and beautiful in CAPITAL LETTERS!

“I filmed this video with about 100 of the most beautiful ladies in the world!

I love and appreciate each and every one of you. – Mayorkun

Aside the beautiful women displayed in the resplendence of white dresses, the video also showed scenes of Black girls dressed in Ankara, another reflection of beauty in different forms, shapes and sizes.

The song ‘Up To Something’ will remain a huge inspiration and motivation to not just women, but also men, as its rare and unique message strikes against body shaming and goes beyond what the society defines as beauty. Little wonder the song emerged trending on the Apple Music Top Charts , barely days after its release.

Although many of the lyrics were quite brief, one cannot negate the fact that it is better to be brief and stay crisp than lengthy with little or no ‘content’ within.

The DMW Boss, Davido, a.k.a OBO and Mayorkun

Having won two big awards in the last edition of The Headies 2019, ‘Best Pop Album’ and ‘Revelation of the Year’, Mayorkun’s release of this latest single is proof that he hails from the tribe of the iconic record label- DMW (Davido Music Worldwide), known for musical legacies untold.

With this, we at Afrobeats360 look forward to more creative moves laced in sage from the fast rising Champ, Mayorkun!

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Eden Benibo

Author: Eden Benibo

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