Is Afrobeats driving the growth of Jameson in Nigeria?

How can an Irish made whiskey brand travel over hills, mountains, and oceans, to come to Lagos and reinvent itself as whiskey for the younger generation? Through influencers, artists and the ever-growing solidarity of the youth. However, this “rebrand” obviously could not happen on the merits of Jameson itself. With the help of one of the 3 pillars of DRB, Teniola Zaccheaus was able to be the bridge this confident whiskey brand needed. With Teniola and Jameson working together- alongside other great folks behind the scene, this Collab has been able to revive and put back the fire in the Nigerian youth culture.

At this point you may be asking how such a relatively new brand in Nigeria that has been established in its roots and culture adopt a new one with such ease and swiftness? Ever heard of the alté movement? The alternative movement, also known as the alté movement, has been an integral part in the Nigerian youth community, showing its members, or anyone that can identify with it, that anything is possible as long as you are yourself; your confident self. This movement is all about breaking away for societal culture that has been placed on all of us without regard. It has been about being bold, fearless, confident and taking back the power from the older generation and putting it back in the youth. This movement has adopted multiple expressions and can be found in music, street fashion, writing /poetry and dance; amongst many things. With Jameson merging itself to this movement, they have quickly shown that they are on the side of the youth and has become the favoured whiskey at any event going on.

With all the behind the scenes going on with Teniola and Jameson, they have been able to reach new audiences and given creative power back to the youth. Through visuals such as music videos, or commercials, these young creatives have aided in the movement to make Jameson more “Nigerian” and they have succeeded. Jameson has in a way been picky with who they choose to associate with, even in this new scene. All their collaborators usually have something in common- they are all creative in one way or another. Through the ideas in their mind, they have been able to show Jameson in a new light- in a light that others not familiar with the brand can relate too. And that is the importance of influencers and social media. Even the mini art clips that the brand posts on twitter is different from what Nigeria is used to, or different from the ads I saw on tv growing up. Just like the music in the alté movement, the ads have come to show that more thought and creativity is being pushed forward.

For any brand, image is everything. And Jameson Nigeria is solidifying itself with having a great image that is possibly going to keep growing if they continue down this path. They have been able to put power in the right hands and been able to show that they have the right representation. They highlight and put on new artists and talents with events they have. It is possible to do both- to grow your brand and to grow your audience. A lot has gone into this beautiful collaboration; recognition, representation and trust. Only Nigerians can show foreign brands the side of Nigeria no one gets to see and that’s what has been done.

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  1. Nicely researched feature. I missed the Jameson music event at Railway Compound in Ebutte Metta. Heard it was really cool. Anyone have a schedule of future Jameson sponsored events in Lagos?

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