FELABRATION 2019: 6 Afrobeats Artistes That Would Probably Have Made Fela Proud

The Icon Fela Kuti has forever left a track record of distinction in the Africa music sphere and beyond. As the reigning King of Afrobeat even in death, Fela’s songs still speak, generation after generation. This indeed is what true music entails as an instrument of communication and social change.

To this end,whether in the similarity of their sound, in the message that comes with their songs, the legacies they have brought to the African music industry, or simply by having Fela as a mentor and huge source of inspiration.

The following 6 Musicians that have been tagged  ‘Artistes That Would Probably Have Made Fela Proud.’ In no particular order, here is the list as described by Felabration 2019:


“Watching Brymo on stage, you could easily be fooled into believing that he’s a direct descendant of Fela.

…with his conscious lyrics  and exceptional music ability, what you have is Fela’s semi incarnation.

Brymo’s recent Album’s are just social justice and choas that are prevalent in the Nigerian society. “


“Burna boy’s grandfather was Fela’s first ever band manager, while his mother remembers Fela as the closest thing to a godfather that she ever had, so the bond between Fela and Burna Boy is even before the African giant was born.

The Fela influence in Burna’s 2014 Celebration performance cannot be overlooked.

The Early Times described Burna boy’s success this yeqr as arguably tgr farthest travelled of all multicultural crossover hits of 2019.

His misty soulful Afrobeats, broken down as pure Afrobeat with a blend of hip-hop and Jamaican club styles.”


“Today’s Falz is arguably our most creative artiste..

..and then, there’s his most endearing attributes, the one that sees and pick up the dusty mantle to become the voice of the people.

With songs like: ‘This is Nigeria’, ‘Child of the World’, ‘Talk’ and ‘Hypocrite’, Falz has used his art as a voice to pass witty messages and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. “


“Wizkid has drawn comparisons with Fela more than any other non blood relative.

Every time he does something impressive, he is immediately referred to by some of his die hard fans as the new Fela. While personality traits are hardly evident, Wizkid does love Fela, symbolizing his lifestyle and referring to the Afrobeat King as his father.”


“He may be a dancehall artist, but Pathoranking has sighted Fela Kuti as one of his key musical influences.

In his Lenge Lenge video, Patho pays an ode to the legendary Fela Kuti recreating one of his many pictures surround by his infamous Kalakuta Queens.”


“innocent Idibia is an obvious entrance on this list. The legendary ‘African Queen’ has since the launch of his early career in 2000 inculcated his ideology about politics and life in general, into his music, just like the late Fela in a however softer tone.

2 Baba’s exploit and determination to not just entertain with his music, but also make a difference, are elements that would have made the Abami Eda proud.”

In all, Fela Anikulapo Kuti remains an irreplaceable King, Mentor and Father in the African music industry and beyond.

At Afrobeats360, we look forward to seeing more African contemporary musical artsistes keep the fire burning in the African music industry with witty contents that go beyond the entertainment sphere.


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  1. Fela would have been proud that Afrobeat has remained true to its core identity as political and protest music, as led by his sons Femi and Seun. He would also have looked with much satisfaction to see the Afrobeats and Afrofusion offshoots that have provided creative and artistic channels for the aspirations of African youths.

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